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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 



At EvaKool we strive to provide friendly and comprehensive support to our valued customers. Here are some answers to more commonly asked questions that we receive. 


For further assistance, please contact 1300 385 665 or email sales@evakool.com 




My icebox is not holding ice or staying cold for as long as it says it should. Is my icebox faulty? 


To get the most out of your icebox, we recommend using blocks of ice or frozen bottles of water to keep your food and drinks cold rather than crushed/party ice as they last significantly longer. If possible we also recommend a 2:1 ratio of ice to product. Dry ice can be used however it must be wrapped in such a way that none of it makes contact with the icebox as it can damage the internal walls. We also recommend keeping the box shut whenever possible to keep the cold air in and pre-cooling the icebox for a few hours before putting your food in. 


I have broken a latch on my icebox, which ones do I replace it with?


We carry a large range of spare parts for our iceboxes to maximize the life span of our products. You can find new latches (and other spare parts like hinges, handles and bung caps on our website). IceKool Iceboxes take the latches: KLL (part number)Infinity Fiberglass Iceboxes take the latches: KLL-LONG (part number) Some older boxes featured a rubber clip-style latch. We no longer manufacture or product our products with this. All iceboxes have moved to bungee style latches. 


What can I use to clean my icebox?


We recommend using warm soapy water to clean your icebox. Do not use chemical cleaners or solvents as these can affect the lining of the icebox. 






My fridge/freezer works fine on 240 volt but I am getting an E1 error light (or 1 flash per 5 seconds) and it’s not cooling when running on 12 volt. What is wrong? 


This is one of the most common questions that we get asked and is usually fixed very easily. 


An E1 error light or 1 flash per 5 seconds is related to low voltage in your 12V system. This is often a result of a flat battery, a battery not holding charge or insufficient wiring. Many vehicles only come with 3mm wiring as standard which can cause these issues. If you have a model with adjustable voltage cutout we recommend leaving this on the lowest setting. 


We recommend you try as much troubleshooting as possible before visiting a service agent as often with an E1 error, there is no fault with the fridge. If this is the case, EvaKool does not cover the assessment fee by the service agent as there was no manufacturing fault found with the product. This situation would also then indicate that there is a fault somewhere else in your set up that requires further investigation. 


What temperature should I set my fridge/freezer to? 


As a general guide, we recommend if you are using your item as a fridge set it between 0 and 4 degrees celsius. If using it as a freezer, particularly if you want to freeze a non frozen product we recommend setting it at -16 degrees celsius or below.   


In the case of Infinity Series Fibreglass Fridge/Freezer or Fridgemate models, when using as a fridge/freezer combo, set the display to what you want the freezer to be and the difference between the two compartments will be approximately 16 degrees (depending on how far out the divider is). 


My fridge/freezer has a digital display which keeps showing a couple of degrees either side of what I set it to, why is the temperature changing so much? 


It is normal for your display to vary 5-6 degrees either way from the set temperature. This is because the temperature sensor inside your fridge reads the temperature of the air and not the product. Your actual temperature inside and the temperature of your food/drinks will not vary that much and anything within this range is normal/to spec. 


How long should it take my fridge/freezer to cool down? 


Your fridge/freezer will begin cooling within half an hour of being turned on. The amount of time it takes to get to temperature depends on how much product is inside, what temperature it is set to and whether or not the product inside is already cold/cool rather than warm. If the fridge is empty it should be able to get down to temperature within a few hours. 


How often should I use my fridge? Is it ok to leave it off when not in use? 


You can use the fridge as much as you want however as a compressor is essentially a motor it does benefit from being used in the same way a car engine benefits from being used. We recommend running your fridge for at least a day each month to allow all of the components to remain oiled and lubricated. 



How can I power my fridge? 


All EvaKool fridges can operate on 12V and 24V. Some have 240V built in as well, or this is achievable by using a seperate adapter. This means that you have the convenience of running your fridge in your car or caravan, off a battery or off normal power at home. When running on 12V, we recommend using solar panels to keep your battery as charged as possible. It’s also preferable to cool your fridge down on 240V before switching it to 12V as your fridge will draw the most power while it’s cooling down and trying to achieve a temperature from OFF. When switching between power sources allow a few minutes for the electronics to reset before plugging into the new power source. 


My fridge is running all of the time and freezing everything and changing the temperature on the controls doesn't help! 


You may have your fridge in Emergency Mode. Some of our fridges have a small, red switch on them which puts the fridge into Emergency Mode. This will bypass the controls and make the fridge run flat out. It’s designed as a backup in case you ever have issues with the display or controls and are a long way from a repairer. Simply move the switch to the off position and see if it resolves the problem. If you are still experiencing, please contact EvaKool. 


Do I need to have my fridge on a level surface for it to operate? 


No, our fridges will happily operate up to angles of 30 degrees. We do recommend keeping them as level as possible however so they do not have to work as hard. If you are expecting to take them on extremely rough roads it is also recommended to put a sheet of foam under the base for protection. 


I bought a mounting kit with my Platinum Upright fridge, how do I fit it? 


Click here for our handy guide on fitting the optional mounting kit to your upright fridge. 

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Where can I find my device ID? 


Download the app from the Google Play store or Apple iTunes Store. Connect to your fridge’s WiFi network and write down the 6 digit device ID. Please note that your fridge does not provide an internet connection.  




How do I get the upgrade code for the app? 


Email warranty@evakool.com with your 6 digit device ID (refer to the FAQ above if you aren’t sure where to find this) and request the upgrade code. The team will then provide you with a 4 digit upgrade code to use in the app. 





What ranges can I purchase directly from Evakool? 


You can purchase any of our own branded products as New or Reconditioned. Refer to our product pages for more details. 


Other products that we produce like the XTM 75L Dual Zone, Ridge Ryder Fridge/Freezer Series or Maxi Trac are only available exclusively through BCF, Supercheap Auto and Repco respectively. 



What are red dot vs. reconditioned products? 


Red dot products typically refer to iceboxes that we grade as seconds quality due to some minor cosmetic blemishes. These items are heavily discounted and come with a 12 month warranty for IceKool and 24 month warranty for Infinity Fibreglass. 


Reconditioned products on the other hand refers to fridges that have been used and repaired by our technicians. All units are fully inspected and thoroughly tested before making their way into our seconds showroom and offer a 12 month warranty. 


Where can I find a dealer? 


Check out www.evakool.com/dealers to search for your nearest dealer. Please keep in mind that our dealers don’t always have a copy of every model on display. If you are looking for a specific fridge to go and view, please call ahead. 


I've seen a range called Kickass available from Australian Direct, are they they same as your fridges? 


The Kickass range was a special range we made up until August 2018 . They are the same as our Glacier range. Newer models since that date are sourced elsewhere and are not made by or supported by Evakool.  


I want a fridge/icebox with the best insulation, what type should I get? 


Out of all of the ranges we make, our fibreglass fridges and iceboxes are definitely the best for insulation due to their ability to not retain heat. If your icebox or fridge is going to be sitting in direct sunlight or somewhere particularly hot, they are definitely the way to go.