EvaPower 100AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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The EvaPower 100AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery is the perfect addition to your camping gear. Pair it with our EvaPower Portable Battery Box for the ultimate portable power system.

An AGM battery is completely different to the normal battery used to start your car. They’re also known as Deep Cycle Batteries and are designed for long periods of lower, continuous power draw rather than short bursts of high power draw (like starting your car). 

AGM batteries, which stands for ‘Absorbed Glass Matt’ and are one of the best for portable power systems. They are suitable for a variety of setups including:

  • 4X4s
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Campervans

You can use an EvaPower 100AH Deep Cycle Battery to power your portable fridge freezers, inverters, lights and other 12V appliances on the go.

Key Features:

  • Completely Sealed - safe to install in the cabin of your vehicle or camper at any angle
  • High Vibration Resistance - will travel anywhere your 4X4 can take you
  • Maintenance Free Design - you don’t need to refill your terminals with water anymore

AGM batteries deliver the best life performance if recharged before they drop below 50% of charge. This is easy to maintain with the use of a DCDC Charger, VSR, Solar Panels or a 240V Battery Charger. 

Depending on the size fridge and amount of appliances you want to run off your power system, you can set up multiple batteries in parallel to create one large power bank!

AGM batteries should not be installed under the bonnet of your vehicle or anywhere that is exposed to high temperatures. This is because the battery is completely sealed and cannot regulate its temperature and vent out heat. Exposure to high temperatures will cause irreversible damage to your AGM battery and will void your warranty. 

We recommend using a Portable Battery Box to house your battery. The EvaPower Portable Battery Box is a great option and features anderson plugs, cigarette socket, USB ports and a voltage meter so you can keep an eye on your battery.

More Information
External Length 330.00 mm
External Width 171.00 mm
External Height 214.00 mm
Second grade warranty terms 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Construction Other
Function No
Purchase Type Buy Online Only
Weight in kg 28.0000
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