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Corporate About us

EvaKool is Australia’s favourite recreational food and drink storage solutions manufacturer and supplier, selling Australia’s favourite ice boxes and portable fridges for over 25 years.

Our primary focus is on food and drink storage solutions for camping and 4WD enthusiasts, fishing adventures and caravan/camper trailer lifestyles.

We are able to offer a diverse range of both ice box and 12V refrigeration solutions to suit the Australian lifestyle and climate. Our products boast a nationwide dealer and service agent network across Australia for convenience for our customers.

EvaKool is also Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Fiberglass and Polyethylene Iceboxes and has sold more than 1 million units worldwide.

EvaKool keeping Australians chilled for good times!

About our Range:

Infinity Fiberglass: This is the Iconic EvaKool box - available as either an icebox or 12V fridge. A unique and premium fiberglass icebox and a must have for all outdoor applications. The unique fiberglass comes with a beautiful unmatched finish which is non-porous to avoid odours. Its insulation properties are first class. EvaKool Infinity - The Rolls Royce of Iceboxes and refrigeration!

TravelMate: This is a must have for any outdoor adventurer. Great value for money with all the features and mod-cons available. Boasting removable lids which provide the user with full flexibility.

KoolMate: A great value range which is tried and tested in Australian conditions.

IceKool: The iconic blue box has proudly served Australians for years and will be around for years to come. Robust and well insulated this icebox won’t let you down!

Platinum: Available in a caravan upright 95L or 110L capacity and our unique 40L drawer fridge, this series is a must have for all 4WD enthusiasts.

EvaKool’s manufacturing of portable fridge/freezers isn’t just limited to its own EvaKool brand. They also manufacture for Supercheap Auto - Ridge Ryder, BCF - XTM, Repco - Maxi Trac & DUSC and a variety of caravan and camper trailer brands including Stoney Creek Campers, Austrack Campers, Ezy-Trail, Drifta, Opus and lots more.

To see the EvaKool range, key stockists include Tentworld, Freddys, Snowys and My generator plus all leading outdoor variety stores nationally.