The Infinity Fibreglass Fridge Series is an epic combination of premium fibreglass material and highly efficient refrigeration system. With first class insulation and a beautiful white gloss cabinet,the Infinity is unbeatable. As we like to call it at Evakool, Infinity - the Rolls Royce of refrigeration

Manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this legendary portable fridge/freezer is seriously all about adventure. Powered by a Secop compressor and roll bond evaporated, the Down Under Series has unmatched performance. If you’re fair dinkum about a bloody good time, you’ll need a bloody good fridge/freezer!

The Travelmate Series is a must-have for any outdoor adventure! This 12V portable fridge/freezer offers great value for money whilst never compromising on style. Famous for its completely removable lids, the Travelmate provides user flexibility. With a wide range of sizes, you will not be left disappointed.

Drawing from decades of 12V refrigeration experience, the Platinum Series is not only stylish yet it has been specifically designed to provide maximise cooling capacity to suit the harsh Australian environment. Available in a caravan 95L or 110L and our unique 40L drawer fridge, this series is a must-have for any adventurer.

The Explorer will mountaineer through the roughest terrain and in the harshest Australian climate. Value-packed with features,this fridge freezer has a highly efficient refrigeration system featuring a Secop compressor and roll bond evaporator. Assembled & commissioned in Australia, take your next adventure seriously and Explore with EvaKool.


The infamous Infinity Fibreglass Icebox Series is renowned for its high quality fibreglass cabinet and thick insulation. With a unique combination of quality, durability and performance, the Infinity Series is ideal for all your camping, fishing and 4WD adventures.

Affordable quality for every lifestyle, the Icekool Series is the perfect combination of quality, durability and performance. The iconic blue box has proudly served Australians for years! Whether you’re on your next fishing adventure or having a picnic, there’s a size for everyone.